Anton Stallbörger

I am a passionate designer and developer who is driven by a love for great, high-quality and thoughtful design. Design is an integral part of my everyday life, and I believe that it has the power to shape and improve the world around us.

Pushing the boundaries of design and striving to create something truly unique and meaningful is a constant pursuit of mine. In addition to my work, I also value meaningful conversations and good music, which help to inspire and motivate me in my creative process.

Anton Stallbörger Pursuit of Perfection

My goal is to continue improving, learning, and exploring all the different areas life has to offer, with the ultimate goal of building a beloved home with the highly talented people at Norm Architects.

Tools I admire



The collaborative interface design tool



Open-Source high quality Icon collection


Arc Browser

A calmer, more personal Browser



The React Framework for Production



Blazingly fast, totally extendable launcher

More stunning tools